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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Wait! But how long?

These days I'm studying some Mathematics. Topics include; Differentiation, Integration, Analytical Geometry etc.
And I'm preparing to apply Math to our discussed idea of Offshore Rig, calculation of collector area, intensity of sunlight at focus, beam width, and cost analysis can be done using Mathematics.

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion on global climate change among the political leaders. Let's hope something useful comes out!

Last week on Discovery TV channel, researchers told about the major impacts of Global Warming. Slowing or stopping of the Great Atlantic conveyor(circulating warm water in the Atlantic ocean) could mean a catastrophe for life. Entire North European regions will get engulfed in ice & snow and the rest of the regions will get too hot to support life.
Moreover, there are reports of dampening Atlantic Conveyor due to excessive cold water inflow from melting ice in Greenland glaciers. Also, I read somewhere that even if we stop emissions of CO2 now, the climatic changes are irreversible. Something must & must be done. The idea of Off-shore Solar rig comes to the rescue I think.
Please Support me in development of this idea further.

More on this issue at wikipedia:

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Aditya said...

hi mridul,
thanks for stopping over my blog! :)

there is nothing much to discuss about unconventional sources of energy. there are big companies which are already investing heavily and constantly coming up with new stuff, which support and use these renewable forms. the biggest automobile player in this field i think is honda, which just came out with a car which uses water as its feul.

i really don't want to talk about something i don't follow regularly. i just know whatever we have been taught in school and what i see on tv, nothing more than that.

however, if there any tech-related query or field that interests you, drop in a comment at my blog, and i'll gladly look into it to the best of my abilities and get back to you!

thanks again!
take care!

p.s. nice blog! :)