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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Target R

My exams are going on now in college and I'm bound to books for some time, but not for long. Next month I'll be out in the wild again!
But this time, instead of just getting knowledge and doing small things (see other posts), i'm thinking big. This year I set a resolution to switch my room to complete Renewable energy powered in the coming years till i complete my graduation. Its just 2 years left now and I've done nothing!
A genuine excuse for that is because this was my first year in college and i wasn't settled properly at a place.
Talking of place, this 2 room rented apartment where I'm living now has ample renewable resources for my needs(I guess). Being on the top floor, it receives full day solar blast, and good wind too, maybe due to nearby mountain range 'Shivalik Hills'.
So the plan is to make a device that captures Sunlight and Wind simultaneously. Any ideas?