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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Target R

My exams are going on now in college and I'm bound to books for some time, but not for long. Next month I'll be out in the wild again!
But this time, instead of just getting knowledge and doing small things (see other posts), i'm thinking big. This year I set a resolution to switch my room to complete Renewable energy powered in the coming years till i complete my graduation. Its just 2 years left now and I've done nothing!
A genuine excuse for that is because this was my first year in college and i wasn't settled properly at a place.
Talking of place, this 2 room rented apartment where I'm living now has ample renewable resources for my needs(I guess). Being on the top floor, it receives full day solar blast, and good wind too, maybe due to nearby mountain range 'Shivalik Hills'.
So the plan is to make a device that captures Sunlight and Wind simultaneously. Any ideas?


Vijay said...

I am impressed with your blog maan. It has some good material. I am a solar dreamer but I do nothing. I am happy you have the time to do something.

Skanda said...

Abhe Oye Mridul

Kinno hai yaar....ur blog is really very very popular i see... and its pretty good too!! Nice job.

I'm not able to get u on mail....

Anyways, life kaisa hai yaar?? I'm actually doing a project on solar cells over here.. characterization actully. Our prof wants us to make a 2D tracker.. To tera idea man me aa gaya.... Anyways... its killing. I need ur expert opinion!!

Phone number kya hai yaar?? message kar de mujhe... come on skype sometimes. Raghav kaisa hai?? Any contact?? I'm staing for the summer in Singapore now... Will be back in India only devember probably. Will try to comeup North... would be nice to catch up. Still remember Guruaths and IIT Chennai Man!!! Aah the good ole' days.

Anyway, what type of motor did u use?? stepper ya normal??? And calibration of the LDRs kaise kiya yaar..

Poetry said...

spinning energy from hurricanes...
sounds good to me... Now if only someone could figure out how to use all that insufferable heat they have in the south and west every summer. Imagine converting so much solar energy to electricity or hot water that the ambient temperature went down one degree...after all, dissimlar metals release electricity when in contact under heat...

Dane Millar said...

You should see what we're doing for solar at Southside Air Inc. Pure solar lights and heating. Check us out at if you get a chance. Be sure to sign our blog with what you think.

Anonymous said...

Im with you!- over the past 2 years i have completely redone my house and it virtually consists of all renewable energy products,etc.
i got all of my stuff from this site:

Anonymous said...

this site has helped me revamo my home to be entirely ecofriendly:

Anonymous said...

I am really intrested in exactly what you are tlaking about. I am going to graduate high school this year, so I have to begin to think about what I am going ot do when I move on to university. I am really intrested in saving the world.. :)
Can I ask what it is you are studying, and if you have any plans for the future?
From the country.

Robert McMahon said...

Hi, Nice ideas, you can create electricity using solar panels facing the sun as much as possible and you can use mini fan type generators to capture the wind and wire them all up to create a solar power system for your apartment.

You should check out some of the videos and ideas at